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Monday, May 9, 2011


Last week


I get my result from email by 10.30am

when I open

I saw my result and all my friends' result

because my surname is start from 'W'

so my name is at second last

then I saw my result is grade C+

I wanna cry at all

then I promise my friends to fetch them go to TARC together

because of my result

I give scold by my mother

I cry and no mood

so I call my friend tell her that I didnt go to TARC already

then the whole day I keep to cry

when my church friends ask about my result

I still want to cry

but I force myself dont be cry in front my friend

I cry until my eyes swollen

then Saturday and Sunday I really no mood at all

but i force myself to smile in front my friends

until now

I still want to cry

why I cry

because of fail

I cannot study Accounting

then TARC offer the course to me is Business Information System

so in the end

I go to UTAR register Foundation in Art


be happy

Jenny Wong Peik Chin

dont think too much


dont cry anymore


Can I fly over the rainbow like the bluebirds?
10:23 PM


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