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Monday, May 9, 2011


Last week


I get my result from email by 10.30am

when I open

I saw my result and all my friends' result

because my surname is start from 'W'

so my name is at second last

then I saw my result is grade C+

I wanna cry at all

then I promise my friends to fetch them go to TARC together

because of my result

I give scold by my mother

I cry and no mood

so I call my friend tell her that I didnt go to TARC already

then the whole day I keep to cry

when my church friends ask about my result

I still want to cry

but I force myself dont be cry in front my friend

I cry until my eyes swollen

then Saturday and Sunday I really no mood at all

but i force myself to smile in front my friends

until now

I still want to cry

why I cry

because of fail

I cannot study Accounting

then TARC offer the course to me is Business Information System

so in the end

I go to UTAR register Foundation in Art


be happy

Jenny Wong Peik Chin

dont think too much


dont cry anymore


Can I fly over the rainbow like the bluebirds?
10:23 PM

Monday, May 2, 2011


After 1 month

I free

now I waiting my result come out

if I pass

I can continue at TARC study my course

which is Accounting

if I fail

then I cannot study at TARC already

I need to go another college register

and study my course

which is SEGI college

but I most like at TARC

because I like to go those college is main campus

TARC Setapak is main campus

but SEGI college KL is not

so I not really want to go there

I hope I can pass it

just thats all la


Can I fly over the rainbow like the bluebirds?
1:31 PM

Monday, April 11, 2011


Now a day

petrol very expensive

and now I every Monday to Friday have class

so I need drive car to College everyday

and I cannot cover my petrol at all

because my mother 1 week give me RM50 for allowance

and RM50 are include my breakfast and petrol

so is really not enough to use

so that

now I starting to ask people follow my car

but need to pay money

1 round RM2

that means

go RM2

back RM2

if want to follow go and back

is RM4

actually is very cheap already

you can calculate it

if you take bus and LRT or what

how much you use it

so RM2 is very cheap and safety

because I pick you up from your house

and to your house also

but I just fetch those who around my house only

that means

Taman Saga to Kencana and to Cempaka

because Kencana I can go by MRR2 the main road

if Cempaka I can use shortcut to Maluri

so I just will pass by this 2 Taman

and now how I cover all my money is

my breakfast didnt eat

and every morning my mother will make Milo to my brother and I

so i every morning

just drink a cup of Milo

then go to College

and wait until lunch time

eat with my parents

so can said that

I every morning is never eat anything go to College

then wait until end class

go to Pasar wait my mother close stall

then just go to eat lunch


now I wait and see when I get stomach-ache

so just thats all la


Can I fly over the rainbow like the bluebirds?
7:55 PM

Sunday, April 3, 2011



My Kancil with me already

i very nice car

because my Kancil is Manual car

and I like manual car at all

because manual car easy to drive up on the hill

and my house need to pass by a small hill

so I like manual

and my Kancil is Silver colour Ex850

and is new generation

so I very like it

because tomorrow I need start class at KTAR

so when Tuesday I register already

at the night time

we confirm go back Ipoh to take my Kancil come out to KL

and Thursday Evening come back KL

very Thank You to my Aunt

because of her

I have my own car

and the car owner is my name


very happy about it

and next time

I want to go where

no need ask any permission already

but got 1 problem is

I cannot drive to church

if I drive to church

I forever and ever cannot go to church anymore


but never mind

as long as I have my own car



ok la

thats all

see you all again


Can I fly over the rainbow like the bluebirds?
9:51 PM

Genting and KTAR


as my post title

I went to Genting by last Sunday afternoon

with my family and 1 church friend

until Tuesday afternoon just back KL

very fun at Genting at all

especially at Genting Theme Park

is really fun

and at Genting Theme Park

I know a new friend

is a boy

his name is Jason Foong Pooi Nang


is a nice boy

cute cute

a bit handsome la

is quite ok

and we have a fun in the Theme Park

we from 9am play till 7pm

almost the time la

actually I just play until 6.30pm something

because I felling not well

so go back room to rest

then rest until 8pm

I take bath

go to eat dinner

then SMS to Jason tell him that we going to 'da gei cheong' 'da gei'

after that

we play until finish our money

that Jason just came

we accompany him play

play until 10.55pm

we rush to watch movie

but me and my friend didnt watch

because we dont have anymore money to watch movie already

but that Jason keep ask me to watch

in the end dont have

so he and his friend watch together

and that time is our last meet

Tuesday morning he rush back to KL

go to school

he just 14 years old

so all the while

we keep to SMS with each other

I SMS with him until no credit


then Tuesday afternoon

we check out and go back KL

when go back KL

we got pass by KTAR

so my father fetch me there to register

but then

what I also didnt bring

so I just go in to ask register need what

then faster go back home take the information

and go to KTAR again

and I succeed register my course



my mother let me choose KTAR at all

happy =]

just thats all la


Can I fly over the rainbow like the bluebirds?
9:31 PM

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



very worry ah

tomorrow going to take my SPM result

worry that I dont have Sijil

because my BM very worst


I worry my MATH cannot get A

then I cham lo

dont know how many fail leh

hope that dont have fail la

but most worry is my BM

because if my BM fail

I need to take BM exam again


Can I fly over the rainbow like the bluebirds?
11:33 PM

Monday, March 14, 2011



now I started to join our Petra Basketball Group(PBG)

but just join 2 days only


last Saturday

is Philip and Wai Yee's wedding

so some of my church people

attend their wedding on Saturday morning

then the basketball training still on


is my second days only

so still stupid about basketball

then our coach

ask us do exercise 1st

then I do until half

tired until I wanna vomit and faint

is very san fu

but I keep said to myself

dont give up

in the end

I also give up

because I got the feel want to faint down already

so I go beside to sit and rest

just awhile

I feel my leg like no strength

so very hard to stand up

some more

the day is CSI

so I think

sei lo

later how to play leh

how to help out the group leh

how to drive

but slowly the strength come back

and I feel my thigh got a bit pain

so I wait the training time end

when end

I very happy

because can go back take bath and rest more


the day too bad for me to rest

because I need to fetch a lot of members

so I just can take bath only

after take bath

I very rush

because I discuss with Pei Tze they all eat lunch together

but in the end

I just can drop them to eat lunch and da bao for me

then I go to fetch member

fetch until 2.25pm just reach church

and I feel gastric

because I didnt eat breakfast and lunch

so I faster go to find Pei Tze to take my food and eat

after all program finish

my leg pain until very hard to walk

so now

I dont wanna stand up and walk

very san fu

and a lot of people ask me

why suddenly want to join the Basketball group geh

and I not suddenly

before SPM

I discuss want to join already

but because of SPM

and my mother dont let me go out so early

so dont have join only

and now I after SPM and nothing to do

so I just follow back what I discuss only lo

and join basketball

can train myself also

so I didnt regret to join basketball group

just that all la

if have any new things

update to you all


Can I fly over the rainbow like the bluebirds?
1:05 AM


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